Welcome to Mt. Lebanon Democratic Committee Online!

Welcome to the Mt Lebanon Democratic Committee (MTLDC) online!   The MTLDC is a volunteer organization consisting of committed Mt. Lebanon Democrats who are determined to elect local, state and national candidates who promote the basic principles of the Democratic Party:

Be GREEN by pursuing the efficiencies and benefits of being a green community
Be STRONG by respecting a diversity of views, opinions, and talents
Be SAFE by requiring properly supported public safety services
Be WISE by ensuring fiscal responsibility
Be VIGILANT by holding leaders accountable for their actions
Be SMART by supporting excellence in our schools and libraries

We are PROUD Democrats and we are honored to work for our candidates and these principles to ensure that Mt. Lebanon continues to be one of the outstanding communities in Allegheny County.  Please join us as strive to bring these principles to life and shape the future of Mt. Lebanon in way that works for everyone in our city.

—Tim Nolan, Chair

Executive Committee members
Tim Nolan, PhD Terri Bradley Sue Fretterd
Geoff Hurd
Chair co-Chair Secretary Treasurer

Voting Poll Locations

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Voting Poll Locations

Ward Districts of Streets

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Streets A - D

Streets E - H

Streets I - M

Streets N - R

Streets S - Z

Mt. Lebanon Map

Mt. Lebanon Map